Quick Update

Just wanted to keep you updated/elaborate on something I mentioned in my last blog.

As some of y’all know from witnessing it, I’ve been having an increasing number of near blackout experiences lately. It happens probably 7 or 8 times a day. What is more alarming is that it has started happening when I workout as well, anywhere from 4-6 times in an hour. Now, it always involves some sort of position change from me- standing up or shifting from my back to my side/front- and I do have very low blood pressure, but about a month ago, my heart started randomly racing on top of this. I’m talking as high as 174 for 15 to 20 minutes- YIKES!

As crazy as it sounds, I was really hoping that the blood work my doctor ran last week would come back indicating something was off with my thyroid {there are a couple of other things that indicated it might be}. Everything seems good though, so the next step is for me to see a cardiologist. There are a few ❤ things that could be responsible for what's been going on, or they may not find anything at all and we'll be back at square one.

As of right now, I'm not panicking. But if you feel inclined, please pray that I continue to be calm about this. My roommate had a great point when she told me not to build a bridge before I know I need to cross it, and I'm trying to be very intentional about not doing just that {though my mind has kinda run off to the edges of a scary place a couple of times}! Instead, I am choosing to focus on the fact that IF there is something wrong, I am in SUCH a better place to deal with it 100+ lbs lighter than I was two short years ago!

I'll be sure to keep y'all posted, though it will be a couple of weeks before I know anything. Until then, love yourself and take care of your body- it's the only one you have, after all! 😀

Hugs and Love,



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