10 Things I Learned From My Accidental 10k

1. Make sure your GPS is working at all times! If not, you may end up going much further than you planned or wanted…

1b. My new phone isn’t going to fit into all the great little pockets on my running pants, so clearly I’m going to need to figure out a new way to GPS my runs in the next week- suggestions??

2. Always hydrate properly before a run, and be aware of the humidity. It WILL make a difference no matter how ‘cool’ it is outside.

2b. Starbucks will give you free water if you need it!


**This was not free, but they did offer a “free venti iced water, triple filtered”… yes, those were her exact words…

3. Aleve and Epsom salt are my new best friends! After 17 miles this week (about 8 more than my average), my hips and ankles just ache… 😦

*I realize several of you run more than that weekly, but I’m just starting to build up my weekly mileage- don’t judge!

4. Make sure you are wearing the proper running shoes- lightweight shoes for the trail will NOT be your friend on the road. See #3

5. I think I’m finally past the days when running would cause me to want to eat ALL. DAY. LONG. Yay!

6. I don’t think I am at all prepared for my first official 10k next month. I was DONE by the time I had hit 4.5 miles- I walked the rest and obviously finished (what option did I have? I needed to get home…), but I thought that I was more prepared than I really am 😦

7. I love mud runs because they add a bit of excitement to running! On that note, I can’t wait for the Jailbreak in Dallas next weekend!! I’ll be sure to post pics and a recap.

8. I still really want to run a half marathon next year, but I’m going to have to find a way to zone out or I’ll never make it. I run because it works for me and reminds me that I can do more than I give myself credit for, but man I get BORED… hiking is so much better, in my opinion!

9. I also really, REALLY want a bike. There were tons of people out riding and it just seems like something I would enjoy. And I want to ride in a century race! (Yo soy loca!)


10. I am looking forward to my rest day tomorrow more than usual. But since it’s still Saturday, I think I’ll go out and dance a little… I know my legs can handle it! 😀


Vlog #1 09 09 12

I promise to work on the uhhs and that other weird noise I make in the future!!