Reality Check

Ok, it’s time for a minute or two of real talk, y’all. And I literally mean a minute or two before I crash for the night…

TRUTH: I am a horrible blogger. It’s just not high on my priorities list right now, and I apologize. I know I’ve promised my “aha moment” and a few other stories recently, but I just don’t have the time between work and school- maybe one day soon! Oh, and the post with my old super cute, super cheap clothes is on it’s way too, I SWEAR!! Okay, now let’s move on to the big stuff…

Worse than being a crappy blogger is the fact that I also haven’t had the time to properly take care of my body lately. Or I haven’t made the time, one or the other… or both…

I realized tonight that it has officially been an entire week since I’ve put in any sort of quality workout. I’ve had every intention each morning of doing something, but suddenly I’m staring at 10:00p/11:00p/midnight or later and it just hasn’t happened yet. It AMAZES me how quickly you can fall out of a routine 😦

And to top it off, I haven’t been taking my supplements properly, which just adds to the exhaustion/feeling overwhelmed issue (some of you may remember my little ❤ deal last year- turns out it's a result of being MAJORLY iron deficient, so I take this awful baby iron stuff twice a day to help, which it SO does, amazingly enough) Well, I ran out two weeks ago and when I didn't find it at the store the first time I looked, I just kind of let that go too=BAD idea…

So to recap: I've let myself get run down by work and school and lack of sleep, and not taken care of my health or my body very well lately. That is so hard for me to admit, but it's the truth. I'm just thankful my food has been more good than bad or else I'd really be in a down state of mind… and while a funk every once in awhile is okay and to be expected even, I know I HAVE to get it together NOW before this gets out of hand…

So tonight, I'm choosing sleep. But tomorrow, I'm choosing me 🙂 I hope you will too!

Hugs and Love,


PS: I wrote this on my phone while fighting sleep- please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors… I'll check it tomorrow 🙂



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