It Takes Two

two ingredient pancakes with agave

Forgive the photo, because 1. I’m not an artsy photo taker, and 2. I was so hungry after my rowing class this morning that I dove right in before I remembered to take a picture! That being said, I believe I have found my new favorite clean eating meal- the 2 ingredient pancake! And y’all, next to pizza, pancakes are one of my trigger foods… you know, the ones you have to avoid because you know you’ll eat every last bit no matter how much willpower you possess… so yeah, I’m pumped!

My mom told me about these yesterday, so when I got home from working out this morning, I googled it. The first link that came up was from and it looked amazing, so I decided to go with it. She makes some great recommendations on things to add to your pancakes (my list is below), as well as what to top your pancakes with. Remember, the no-sugar syrups do NOT mean they are good for you- usually it’s the opposite. I used raw agave nectar, and it was delicious! I didn’t have any berries on hand today, but I’ll definitely make sure I do next time! Anyway, feel free to click on the link above, or I reposted the recipe below with my adjustments. Enjoy!!

The Skinny, Skinny Pancake from The Skinny Confidential

1 mashed, super ripe banana

2 eggs

Oil for the pan (I used coconut oil, but you choose- I may use walnut oil next time)

My Additions

a dash of apple pie spice (two shakes)

1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed (this is supposed to be what helps hold the mixture together- I may try 2 tbsps next time)


**I’m thinking of adding chopped walnuts next time as well- let me know if you have any other suggestions or have tried something else that is good in it!


Mash your banana completely with a fork. In another bowl, whisk the eggs. Mix eggs & banana together thoroughly and add any additions to the mix. Put your choice of oil on a pan [ low-medium heat ]. Add a silver dollar-sized amount to the pan. Let the cake set for 30 seconds (or when the center bubbles) and flip! Enjoy with your choice of healthy toppings!